20 Entertaining Movies About Cooking For All the Quarantine Chefs and Non-Cooks

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Neccesity is the mother of all needs annattu lockdown valla malli janalu vallalo nidrapothunna chefs ni, kalakarlu ni thatti lepaaru, and so many food trends have gone viral because of our Quarantine chefs and Dalgona coffee to homemade biryani andaru edo oka dish ni try chesi professional chef laaga feel aye untaru..so, this list is to inspire not only them but also non-cooks to reveal their inner chef and slay in the kitchen..

1.Julie & Julia

1 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis movie is about a young woman who follows a professional chef (Julia Child) and cooks her way through her cook book which is on French cuisine and blogs every recipe with her own her own experience will making it. This movie is so light hearted yet inspirational to all the people who wish to aspire their dreams and reminds us that “it is never too late to try”


2 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis feel-good animated movie revolves around a rat who aspires to become a renowned chef but all his dreams seems to be unattainable since he doesn’t stand a chance but through twist of fate he ends up at a hotel of his role model and showcases his talent by cooking simple yet delish meals and ends on a note that “big dreams can still come true no matter how small you are.”

3.Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

3 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis story revolves around Omi a.k.a Kunal Kapoor who’s trying to rediscover his family’s secret recipe to save his family’s ago-old restaurant and Omi trying to find the right ingredients of the comforting delicacy that he has grown up eating or will he lose the restaurant and gives a underlying message to never give up


4 Entertaining Movie About CookingIt is a simple story with well-executed screenplay and storytelling and opens with one of the dabbawalla getting the delivery wrong, one of the few movies that successfully manages to showcase the Dabba system of Mumbai. The desi home-cooked meals along with a side of letters from the heart is a comforting sight during quarantine.

5.No Reservations

5 Entertaining Movie About CookingThe story is about a perfectionist, independent head chef Kate Armstrong who’s trying to juggle between her career and raising her sister’s little daughter and the story takes a turn with entry of new chef in her kitchen and she needs to strike a balance between her personal and professional life, The food along with a heart-warming story makes it worth a while.

6.Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1&2

6 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis 3D animated film which is based on a children’s book revolves around the protagonist trying out his newest inventions which leads to unexpected result, this adventurous animated movie series may also leave you craving all sorts of things during this lockdown.

7.Eat Pray Love

7 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis film is about a woman who embarks on a journey to re-discover herself and during the journey she tries new, tempting and super delicious delicacies and authentic dishes which makes it soul satisfying while we are stuck at home.

8.Cook Up A Storm

8 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis film is about a famous Cantonese street-food chef compete against a Michelin-star rival in what looks like a culinary battleground and also a story of friendship, family and values which unravel as story progresses and takes few surprising turns, a classic gourmet movie.

9.Ramji Londonwale

9 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis story is about Ram, a cook from a small town in India arrives on foreign land and discovers that his employer is dead. He is further faced with immigration issues and relies on his passion and talents to survive in the new city and sustain himself, this is a feel-good entertainer and ends on a happy note.


10 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis critically acclaimed film set in Delhi revolves around friends who are from north-east trying to prepare an authentic dish for a wedding ceremony instead goes through racism and difficulties with their unaccustomed neighbours, this movie with subtle underlying message makes it worth watching.

11.Stanley Ka Dabba

11 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis movie takes you on a nostalgia trip with all the delicious meals and fruitful struggles, this movie is all set to remind you of your school days and the everyday excitement of discovering what’s in the tiffin, this uplifting film is definitely a must watch.

12.Ulavacharu Biryani

12 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis movie is about two food lovers who are connected through a wrong phone call and together explore various flavours, tastes and recipes while maintaining the anonymous identity, the movie which weaves together all the flavours with a touch of comedy and feel good factor overall a delish movie on your plate.

13.Cheeni kum

13 Entertaining Movie About CookingOn foreign land, the two main charecters of the film are connected through the essence of authentic Indian food that brings Buddhadev and Nina together, who fall in love with each other. Their battle of bridging their 30-year-old age gap and convincing each other’s parents follows through, in this delicious movie.


14 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis movie gives the audience chance to explore Lucknowi street food with a sight of delightful kebabs and shah tukda as Tariq and Gulrez’s love story blooms after they bond over their love for food and unexpected plot twists.

15.Break Ke Baad

15 Entertaining Movie About CookingThe story is about a young desi boy aspires to become a chef but is roped into his family business and how he follow his passion for cooking and rediscover himself as he flies to a foreign land to impress and bring back his girlfriend and packed with a flavour of romance with a desi touch.


16 Entertaining Movie About CookingThe movie begins with Roshan a.k.a Saif Ali Khan who is on a mission to discover and revive lost and treasured Indian recipes along with his distanced son. Much like the original Chef (English), the father-son duo hires a food truck and sets on a journey to spread joy with some delicious food.

17.The Hundred-Foot Journey

17 Entertaining Movie About CookingThe story is about an Indian family moves to France to open a small-scale desi restaurant in front of a well-established French Haute cuisine Michelin star restaurant and the rivalry with comic touch makes it a crowd-pleasing classic and a must watch.


18 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis is an urban rom-com in a modern setting where tradition still has a strong hold. The story starts with the “pellichoopulu” or arranged meeting of Prashanth (Vijay Deverakonda) and Chitra (Ritu Varma) and how their lives take a different turn with their unique career pursuit.


19 Entertaining Movie About CookingThe story revolves around a family who are desperate for a cook, the disgruntled Sharmas are relieved when the multi-talented Raghu takes up the job. Just as all is bliss, the family jewels disappear and so does Raghu, this movie is old yet a classic.

20.Today’s special

20 Entertaining Movie About CookingThis story is about an ambitious cook hopes to leave his home in New York and become a master chef in Paris. However, he is forced to put his dreams on hold when his estranged father has a heart attack. The film with an artful touch is package of all the tastes, a compelling story with humour touch and realistic characters which is certainly entertaining watch.

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