8 Everyday Problems Only Girls Can Relate To

Andariki different problems untaayi. Kaani konni problems ammayilaki exclusive ga untaayi.. Avi chinnavi and funny ga undocchu, kaani maa genuine problems ardham cheskondayya..

1. Not able to find a pin when needed.

1.Body pinsChaaala hairbands, pins kontune untaam. Kaani avasaram ainappudu maatram okkati dorakadhu.

2. Lipstick stains

2. Lipstick stainsLipstick pettukovadam oka task aithe. Aa lipstick stain antukokunda tinadam, taagatam is the ultimate task.

3. Going to washroom wearing a romper/ jumpsuit

3.jumpsuitJumpsuit/ romper looks super cool and gives chill vibes. Kaani adhi veskoni washroom ki vellali antene, the ultimate mission….

4. Waxing

4. WaxingMana outfit depends on our waxing schedule. Shaving and sleeveless tops sync with each other.

5. BRAS – our biggest enemy.

5. BRASWearing this enemy all day is the toughest of all the problems we girls ever get.

6. Period mood swings

6. Period mood swingsThis needs no explaination. It is all because of our harmones, maakem sambandham ledu.

7. Hair band never fits properly.

7. Hair band never fits properly.8. Broken nail

8. Broken nailManchiga manicure cheyichukunna nail ala edaina tagili viirgithe, almost oka mini heart break vastadhi maa ammayilaki…

Also let us know in the comments section, ammayilaki maatrame ee kastham endhukayya ani anipinche situations.

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