Everything About Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir Bhumi Pooja & Construction In Pics

Some years nundi assala solution eh dorkadhu anukunna Babri & Ram Mandir issue ki final ga full stop padindi. Full stop padadame kadhu Hindus antha namme Lord Rama birthplace ayodhya lo temple ki muhurtham kuda fix aindi. Assala Ram Mandir entha place lo kadtunaaru ? eh architecture process ni follow avtunnaru ? eppudu finish avtundi ? entha spend chestunaru anedi ippudu chuseddam.

1.Temple design and architecture:

The original design for the Ram temple was prepared in 1988 by the Sompura family of Ahmedabad. But a new design for Ram temple, with some changes from the original design, was prepared by the Sompuras under the supervision of Architect Chandrakant Sompura.

The Sompura family have designed the Ram temple following ‘Nagara’ style architecture, one of the types of Indian temple architecture.

1. Arodhya Ram Mandir Replica & Architecture2.Expansion, floors, domes and pillars ?

The temple will be 235 feet wide, 360 feet long and 161 feet high. Along with the main entrance there will be four other major entrances in the temple. Temple will have 5 domes, 3 floors and Number of pillars will be 360.

2. Arodhya Ram Mandir Replica & Architecture3.40 Kgs silver brick as the foundation stone by the Prime Minister:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi as chief guest is going to install a silver brick of 40 Kgs which will be used in Bhoomi Puja.

3. Arodhya Ram Mandir Replica & Architecture4.Holy water from differents parts and rivers of India along with soil:

On the occasion of Bhumi Pooja, holy places from different rivers like Triveni Sangamam, Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati at Prayagraj, Kaveri river at Talakaveri, Kamakhya Temple in Assam and many others, were collected. Soil was also sent from the four pilgrimage locations of Char Dham.

4. Arodhya Ram Mandir Replica & Architecture5.Dress for Lord Rama is stitched and tailored by:

Ramlalla’s dress will be stitched by tailors Bhagwat Prasad and Shankar Lal; Shankar Lal’s is a fourth generation tailor to Lord Ram’s idol.

5. Arodhya Ram Mandir Replica & Architecture6.3 years for construction & estimated budget is around ?

Ayodhya Ram Mandir is expected to be complete by the end of 2023 which is 3 years from now. And the estimated budget for the temple construction is 300 crores.

6. Arodhya Ram Mandir Replica & Architecture7.Who all are attending ?

PM Modi and RSS Chief Mohan Bhagawat are chief guests along with 175 stalwarts from different parts of our country and other countries are attending Bhumi Puja ceremony in Lord Rama’s birthplace.

7. Arodhya Ram Mandir Replica & Architecture

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