Evolution of weapons in telugu movies


Black and white to color to ultra colorful movies. This is how tollywood has been experiencing revolution. Ivanni kakunda movies lo chaala detailing kuda change aindi. Music, BGM, dance, acting, dialogues, style, clothing, locations, graphics etc., another thing that got evolved through time is Weapons. Ee evolution chuskondi!01. Gadha
2. Chakram
3. Sword
4. Bows and arrows.
5. Magical effects in mythological movies with the above mentioned ones.

Ipudu start aindi koncham revolution1-guns1. Guns

And again the ones used earlier too.

Idantha konni years went on. Then from the early 90’s movies
experienced a drastic change.7-cycle-chain1. Cycle chain
2. Cricket bat
3. Hockey stick

And other such equipments

Malli early 2000 and late 1990 lo inko type of weapon start aindi. Aa time lo few faction heroes ki physical weapons tho no work. It is all about secret psychological weapons.2-balakrishana-thoda-kottadam1. Thoda kottadam
2. Kanti choopu
3. Noti Maata
4. Ekva sound in dialogues
5. Eyes in every direction.. ante.. back meeda, head meeda..ekkadaina kanpisthadi veellaki
6. Kopam

Other physical weapons included3-bike-silencer1. Bike silencer. And the previously started weapons or any other similar ones.
2. Iron rod

Ipudu latest trend lo Rajamouli created some. His weapons are hybrids. They are crossings among knives guns, gadha, sword, chakram, hockey bat etc.,4-simhadri-axe1. Simhadri (Axe and sword hybrid)
2. Vikramarkudu (chakram and hockey stick hybrid
3. Chatrapathi Axe
4. Magadheera
5. Bahubali (it is a cycle chain and gadha hybrid)
6. Eega(miniature knife-soodhi)

Revoilution ki inko meaning ichindi ….

1. Sampoornesh babu! Hrudaya Kaleyam ( a comb, axe, gadha, hockey stick etc., hybrid of all!)5-sampoornesh-babuIlanti weapons tho paatu oka very different weapon tho fight cheshndu mana NTR…HIS SHOULDER. Shoulder tho little sparsha is equal to falling in Guntur!

Idandi sangathi….You have more to include, please comment 