Facebook Just Made ‘Live Video’ A Huge Feature Of It’s Application…!!

Ever felt the need to record the moment ( literally ) and not just be content with a snapshot of it. Well, Fret not, Facebook got you covered with it’s latest offing. The Live Video. Though the feature is quite popular on its webpage, it has been migrated to the application last night in a press conference by Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The social network believes so strongly in the future of live video that an entire tab of its mobile app is now dedicated to watching it. The centre tab in Facebook’s app, which previously sent you to Messenger, is now all about live video.

mobile2Beyond the new video hub, Facebook is letting anyone broadcast live video to specific groups or events — not just all of their friends and followers. The idea is that you can broadcast a live Q&A from a specific event and only have people who would be interested watch.

Facebook is taking a page out of the playbook of Periscope, Twitter’s live broadcasting app, by letting viewers quickly invite their friends to watch with a dedicated invite button. If who you’re inviting doesn’t already like the page that’s broadcasting, they’ll get a notification to tune in.

You’ll also finally be able to stop receiving notifications for live video from certain people and pages. That should be a welcome change for many people.

mobile1Some additional features are also being added to Facebook’s live video tools for broadcasters, namely five video filters including black and white video. The ability to doodle over live videos with your finger (a la Snapchat) will also be added as well in the near future.

Viewers of Facebook’s live videos now have the ability to use Reactions, Facebook’s emoji responses that were recently introduced to supercharge the Like button. You can also read a video’s comments in the order they were made after a broadcast ends.

The video tab Facebook is deciding to give everyone is instead solely dedicated to live video, not the professionally produced stuff from pages like Tech Insider. (We do live video broadcasts too!)

A big “GO LIVE” button at the top of the new video tab in Facebook’s app lets you start broadcasting from your phone, and below the button you’ll find a river of live video from friends and pages you like. Facebook’s desktop website will have a new map interface as “a visual way to explore public live broadcasts that are currently happening around the world,” according to the company’s blog.

You probably won’t see these changes in Facebook’s app right away. Facebook says the changes will gradually become available on the iPhone and Android over the coming weeks.

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