8 Lesser Known Fact About The Handsome King Nagarjuna


If you ask me to name one dynamic personality in Telugu film industry, ‘King’ Nagarjuna is the first name that will come into my head without a second thought. He is an actor of substance, a producer with guts, a businessman with brains, an adorable son carrying forward his father’s legacy with pride, a loving husband, a smart father and above all a dynamic personality.

Knowing a little more about this personality is of no harm. So, here it is :

3 Handsome King Nagarjuna2 Handsome King Nagarjuna

5 Handsome King Nagarjuna6 Handsome King Nagarjuna7 Handsome King Nagarjuna4 Handsome King Nagarjuna1 Handsome King Nagarjuna