10 Interesting Facts About Kushi Movie As The Cult Classic Is All Set For Re-release

Kushi Movie Powerstar Pawan Kalyan career lo oka euphoria create chesina cinema idi. Entha pedda euphoria ante ee movie taruvatha hit ravadaniki PK ki almost 12 movies pattindi. PK Style, Swag, Body language and mannerisms ee movie gurinchi evaru matladukunna first cheppukune vishyalu. TFI lo appati varaku leni costumes kani….. oka new hair style, telugu cinema lo complete hindi song, box office records varaku ee movie gurinchi chala untayi.

10 Interesting Facts About Kushi Movie, As The Cult Classic Is All Set For Re-release

1. Complete hindi song in telugu song for the first time!

Oka telugu cinemalo complete Hindi lyrics unna song pettalante ippatiki alochistaru. Alantidi 20 years back eh try chesaru and aa song ki vibe ela untundo separate ga cheppadaniki em ledu…

Ee song Bollywood lyricist Abbas Tyrewala rasaru.

2. Kushi is a remake of Tamil movie

2.Facts About Kushi movieTamil lo Vijay & Jyothika act chesina ee movie ni akkada kuda S. J. Surya ne direct chesadu and idi Hindi lo Khushi ga and Kannada ‘Eno Onthara’ name tho remake aindi.

3. Biggest hit than original and other remakes

3.Facts About Kushi movieTamil Original kante ee movie ikkada pedda hit aindi and Hindi and Kannada kuda intha hit avvaledu.

4. Classic song from Missamma, 1955, was remixed in this movie!

4.Facts About Kushi movie‘Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule’ ane classic song from Missamma (1955) ni ee movie lo remix chesaru. This remix was a chartbuster at that time and even now also and the song has been shot in New Zealand.

5. Trendsetting Costumes and Styling!

5.Facts About Kushi movieIka movie lo PK esina double shirt, full neck t-shirts, GAP Hoodies and aa college bag appatlo oka tend set chesindi. Ee movie lo PK Styling and costumes, college lo youth andarini influence chesindi.

6. 55 Lakh Cassettes were sold out!

6.Facts About Kushi movieIka Manisharma garu compose chesina prathi song ippatiki loop lo vintamu even after 20 years. Audio release aiyyaka appatlo almost 55+ Lakh cassettes sold out ayyaayi ante ardam chesukondi entha pedda hit oo.

7. TRP Ratings and Satellite Rights craze!

7.Facts About Kushi movie1.5 Crores ki Gemini ki first sold chesi… chala times tv lo telecast chesaka, MAA TV vallu ee movie ni malli 1.6 crores petti konnaru. Kushi movie aired almost 300+ times in both channels and acquired highest TRP ratings every time.

8. Euphoria

8.Facts About Kushi movieRelease taruvatha blockbuster tecchukunna ee movie… completed 50 days in 101 centres, 100 days in centres and 175 days in 5 centres complete chesindi.

9. Renu Desai worked as editor & costume designer for this movie

9.Facts About Kushi movieEe movie lo Ye mera Jahan Song Renu Desai edit chesaru… and also movie lo PK and Bhoomika vesukunna costumes anni kuda Renu Desai eh design chesaru.

10. Pawan Kalyan himself composed fights for this movie

10.Facts About Kushi movieIka ee movie lo fights regular telugu cinema fights la undavu, all the credits goes to PSPK. Yes, ee movie ki action sequences anni compose chesindi PK.

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