You Won’t Feel Hungry Anymore After Eating These Foods


Hello foodies..! Vinadaniki bagundi kada mana title?.. Tinadaniki bayapadaddu. Adi kuda chaala baguntundi. Em tinalanna bayama?… Diet Conscious?…. Weight gain….fitness freak…ee words anni vini vini bayam vestundi kada….yanni rojulani weight ki bayapadi mouth musukuni kurchuntaam?. Common guys..bayapadi tinakunda unde rojulu poyaayi… I am here presenting you 7 food items…meru weight gain avvakunda chusukunevento O look veyyandi.. P.S: ee food items anni kooda “satiety index” anabade measurement meeda tesukobbaddai which makes you feel full and ultimately reduce your calorie intake over the course of a full day.

1. Boiled Potatoes

Best Healthy Foods

Manam andaram potatoes lo high carbohydrates untai ani vatini pakkana pettestam. But no need of this yaar. Potatoes are very nutritious.. not the fried ones. Potatoes lo unde resistant starch mana digestive system ki very useful. Heating and cooling them repeatedly raises the resistant starch level. So not only are potatoes delicious and nutritious. But intake mathram jagratha.

2. Whole Eggs

Best Healthy Foods

Eggs, especially the yolks. Papam, manam chala unfair ga heart attack inducing cholesterol undani define chesesam. Kani, it contains a fair amount of cholesterol which helps to get complete protein. Eggs tinadam valla bad cholesterol increase avvadu. Inka indulo unna nine essential amino acids mana body ki chala useful. In Fact, roju breakfast lo boiled egg tesukunte, twaraga wait loss avtham anta.

3. Oatmeal

Best Healthy Foods

Oatmeal, manalo chaala mandiki bagaa nachedi and very nutritious. It contains tons of fiber on it. It absorbs a lot of water when cooked. Idi chala bland ga untyndi almost tasteless, it can be flavoured with fresh/dry fruits, nuts or brown sugar. Oats lo lot of insoluble fiber called beta-glucan undi. Idi chala slow ga carbs ni absorbs chestundi so mana hunger ni suppress chesi, full day body active ka unchutundi.

4. Soups

Best Healthy Foods

Soups anangane, weight loss ki soups ki relation enti? ani think chestam. But soups are very useful to lose weight.  Konni soups helps to feel more full than solid food meal with same ingredients. So soups teesukunte, manam teesukune meal ki 20% fewer calories anduthayi so daani valla mana weight control lo untundi. Broth soups aite inkaa better. So from now on start drinking soup and make it a habit and you’ll lose weight without even trying.

5. Apples

Best Healthy Foods

Mana andariki telisinde…aite why anedi cheptunna…ala ante apple lo pectin ane satiety indexed soluble fiber mana digestion useful anukunam kada. Adi comparing to other fruits, apple lo little bit akkuve.. it has 85% water quantity which makes you feel full, but no weight gain.. appudu apple tini bore kottinda? then change to citrus fruits with high pectin….

6. Fish

Best Healthy Foods

High protein diet ante heavy carbs ani skip chesestam. Kaani thinna kuda, it will not increase your weight. Meat anagaane high saturated fat untundi. Kaani fish ala kaadu…protein and omega-3 fatty acids untai..which increases satiety as well as
support a healthy cardiovascular system.

7. Pop- Corn

Best Healthy Foods

Yeah, Movie time pass… kani it has lots of usages. Eppudaina salty craving tinali ani kuda, high fibre and low fat di tinali anipiste, then go for Pop-corn…entha tinna no fat!!…but make sure that it is not mixed up with carcinogenic chemicals, and fake butter additive, which is toxic. Mee mundu oka Pop-corn bowl unda aite…Countless healthy ways it could be flavoured. you are only limited by your imagination… go real…