Here Are A Few Foods We All Assumed They Are Same But Actually Aren’t


Foods and food products lo konni chala similar ga untayi adi before cooking avocchu after cooking avocchu. Ila confuse padi same foods ani manamantha inni rojulu assume chesukunna foods anni same kadu just manam same anukuntunnam anthe.

Mari manam ala same anukuni pappulo kalesina aa similar foods ento avi same kadu anedi ippudu telusukundham padandi.

1. Biryani – Mandi

Biryani is Biryani…Mandi is Mandi !

Biriyani MandiYes ! my dear Indian foodies ee rendu same kadu, kaane kadu…biryani lo spices untayi, masalas untundhi chicken or mutton ni marinate chesi andulo aa stuff meedha biryani rice cook chestaru.

Whereas Mandi, rice separate ga pieces separate ga cook chestaru. And Mandi lo chicken and mutton pieces ki assala masala undadhu. And moreover Biryani taste mundhu Mandi taste joo joo bee.

2. Biryani – Pulao is no way related

Biriyani PulaoAha how assala how antunna…? Pulao anedi at a time meat and rice tho cook chestaru…Biryani laga separate cheyaru. And moreover biryani spices ki…Pulao spices assala sambandham eh undadhu. Deni ruchi daani dhe.

I Am telling you both are different …!

3. Jalebi – Jangiri Are Not Same

jilebi JangiriYes, my dear folks all these days meeru ee rendu okkate ani pappulo kalu vesi untaru after similar looks and taste. But the difference is Jalebi Maida (all purpose flour) tho chesthe…Jangris emo minapappu tho maatrame chestaru. Appearance is different and Jangris are healthier than Jalebi actually.

Okay…evaraina adigithe cheppeyandi.

4. Noodles – Pasta – Oh My Noodles!

Noddels PataThey are just common foods anthe…kani assala same kadu. Noodles anevi common wheat flour tho chestaru…kani Pasta is traditionally made from durum wheat, water or eggs.

5. Green Tea – Herbal Tea – Confident ga rendu okate anukunte you are mistaken

Chala confident ga ivi rendu okate anukunnaru kada…kani kadhu.

Green Tea Herbal TeaGreen tea is made from the top two leaves and buds of a shrub, Camellia sinensis (kind of tea plant). Besides the leaves, other ingredients may be added to create special scents or flavors during the drying process, such as jasmine, flowers, or fruits

Herbal tea is quite different compared to Green Tea, which is made of herbs, flowers, leaves and dried fruits generally by pouring boiling water on the plants and allowing them for some time.

6. Lukhmi – Samosa

SamosaLukhmi and Samosa are similar foods..but Lukhmi is made of dough in yogurt flat square in triangle shape lo untundi.

Samosa is quite different and made with all-purpose flour maida and stuffed with different veggies like potatoes, onions and corn. And, ippudu Chicken and Mutton Kheema samosas chaala famous ayyayi!

7. Naan – Kulcha

Butter Naan KulchaNaan and Kulchas are flatbreads our Indians like to eat for lunch and dinners. But Naan and Kulchas are different whereas Naan is made of refined flour or wheat flour, and Kulchas are made of all-purpose flour Maida only.