Few Times When Modi Proved That He Is The Coolest PM India Has Ever Had

Prime Minister of India ki daily entho work untundi, aa files ee files, meetings, abroad visiting ila chala untayi. Kani intha busy busy schedule lo kuda appudu appudu common people tho twitter or face to interact avtuntaru mana PM Modi. Madhyalo Mann Ki Baat ani prajalatho matladataru kuda.

Interact avadame kadu appudu appudu tana witty answers and questions tho andarini navvinche prayatnam chestaru. Recent ga jarigina ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’ programme lo kuda Modi PUBG game topic maro sari headlines aindi.

Idi okate kadu inthaka mundu kuda Modi cheppina some cool and witty responses oo sari chuseddam.

1. Worried mother: My child is 24/7 busy in playing game in mobile. What to do ?

Modi: Ye PUBG wala hai kya?

Students: Shouting and clapping !

2. Addressing Bollywood celebrities after URI: Surgical Strike movie

Modi: How’s the Josh?

3. When some twitterati asked why dont u laugh Modi ji ?

And his answer is just cool !

3. Modi laugh

4. In another convo, one twitterati tweeted that ‘Modi works for me’.

And Modi reply is just pure gold and re-tweeted for more than 6000 times.

4. Modi Seva

5. When losers backfie with PM – Kartik Aryan tweeted a selfie photo

5. Modi backfie

6. Modi Ji you dont tire ?

6. Modi strength

7. When modi hits back at Renuka Chaudhary laugh !

Renuka Chaudhary is laughing continuously at Modi in parliament. Modi hits back with comment let her smile because ‘her smile remembers me a Surpanakha from Ramayan’, and all smiles in house. (Please click above link for video)

8. PM Modi hugs & consoles ISRO chairman K. Sivan

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