12 Telugu Film Personalites Whose Debut Film Became A Part Of Their Identity


First movie is always a special one for every actor. If your first film works, you have high chances to shoot up the fame ladder. It is this movies that gives the actor an identity with the audience. In some cases, the actors get noted for their performance in such a way that their debut film title becomes a part of their name throughout their career.

Here are few actors who had their first film titles as their surname in telugu film industry.

‘Showkaar’ Janaki1 - janaki

‘Shubaleka’ Sudhakar2 - shudakar‘Saakshi’ Ranga Rao3 - ranga rao

‘Ahuthi’ Prasad4 - ahuthi‘Allari’ Naresh5 - naresh‘Vennela’ Kishore6 - kishore‘Satyam’ Rajesh7 - rajesh‘Chitram’ Seenu8 - chitram seenu‘Kick’ Shyaam9 - shyam

‘Dil’ Raju10 - raju

‘Bunny’ Vaasu11 - bunny‘Tagore’ Madhu12 - madhu