7 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up The Feels Of The First Shower In Summer..!!

Hyderabad got blessed with the first rain of the year that offered it a respite from the scorching sun and soaring levels of mercury.And as always we were bombarded with posts from douchebags who assumed the rest of the world doesn’t have a window. But hey! We can forgive them, ‘coz this weather keeps us cool and in the mood to enjoy some peace. So, here are 7 GIFs that sum up the feels of the first shower in Summer.

The ‘can’t believe my eyes’ moment:

raining jaguar animal weather rain

The ‘Amazing Feel Of Raindrops Soothing Your Sunburnt Skin’ :


Finally Getting To Step Out And Play Without Being Burnt Alive :

rain dancing 60s spider man

Ah! The Perfect Mood To Relax And Do Nothing…!!

bed raining rain

It’s Not A Happy One Always…!!! Definitely Not For Those That Planned To Hit The Beach Or Chill At An Amusement Park 😉 😛 

The Bliss Of Watching Your Garden Fresh And Happy :

day cinemagraph rainy backyard

But then, someone decides to play spoilsport and ruin the fun!!!!

Guessed it?

Ah! You’re Right…It’s Our Very Own Electricity board….

black and white monochrome rainy day oyasumi punpun good night punpun

But, hey that’s just one small spoiler to an otherwise perfect day, so step out and enjoy the season’s first downpour and thank nature for all the love….See ya! :*


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