12 International Food Franchises That Have Changed Our Culture..!!

By Saptarshi Sarkar

Food lovers and pseudo food critics have grown exponentially in India since the last decade or so. The international food vendors have found out the secret to survive in this country i.e. by hitting the economic sweet spot of us common people. Well, that being said, here are the famous few who hit it just right to become so:-

  1. Mc Donald’s

1The king of the fast food counter, the largest chain of hamburger serving restaurant in the world and many more tags sticking to its name since inception. Kids love it, teens can’t stay away from it and adults don’t need to decide where to eat something good on Sundays. A total life saver.

2. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

2You love chicken?? Oh, you better love chicken because this place is a fast food paradise for fried chicken lovers. Thank you, grandpa in the picture (Harland Sanders) for the tasty treat.

3. Pizza hut

3Say hello to the step brother of KFC, the cheesier and baked (not fried) one in the family.

4. Dominos

4This one is a late competitor in the race for the cheesy flatbread competition in the fast food chain but is definitely a winner. Talk about pocket friendliness.


5. Costa coffee

5Though a British brand, only 3 words for this guy right there and you all will agree to this – I LOVE COFFEE!!!! Peace out!..

6. Burger king


6Have you ever played volleyball? Yes, this brand has been playing it since 1953, well the brand being the ball in the play. Have had 4 owners since inception with its present boss as Brazil’s 3G Capital.

7. Hard rock café

7Who doesn’t love a theme restaurant, especially when its focus being the rock and roll era? Oh, the glorious 1960’s and 70’s, the years of the vintage awesomeness.  

8. Outback steakhouse

9I don’t know how they tolerate this in India. This is against our culture!! Well, culture aside if you are not one of those drama queens then this place is a mouth sparkler. The taste to presentation screams for a 5-star rating.

9. Papa John’s

10Well everybody knows Papa John’s right? No? Well, who cares as long as the food is tasty? Too many American food centres in the land of exotic delicacy (yes you got that right. Don’t tell me that pizza tastes better than homemade ‘Alu Paratha’) to remember who cooked what.

10. Starbucks

11Well, you know how Justin Biber got famous? Yes, Youtube! Same story here and the benefactor is- Instagram! But who cares… WE LOVE COFFEE!! Peace out world…

11. Taco bell

12Relatively a young brand to talk about, taco bell serves you with Tex- Mex foods like burritos, tacos etc. founded by Glen Bell this guy started as a hot dog stand called Bell’s Drive.

12. Baskin Robins

13OK, so this is a lone winner in the competition as an ice cream parlour. It’s paradise for ice cream lovers with 31 flavours of pure awesomeness.

The list is exhaustive yet not enough to satisfy our hunger for more varietal food from around the world to please our taste buds.



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