6 Foods That You Will Miss When You Leave Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a melting pot of various cultures. It is the land of pearls and everyone in the city eats like a Nawab. And why not? It is the city of Nawabs after-all. For us Hyderabadis, there is no place like Hyderabad. And when we leave our home and our city, we just cannot adjust TO any other place. That is how much we are influenced by the city.
But, the major influence for sure is the food. No place in the world comes close to perfecting our biryani or Mirchi ka salan. And when you are moving out of the city, you will surely miss the rich Hyderabadi cuisine. So here are 6 foods that only Hyderabad aces.

1.Keema Samosa

1 Hyderabad Food 1The world knows samosas as vegetarians. But ask us Hyderabadis, for us samosas are loaded with meat and spices. Keema samosas are basically samosas filled with chicken or mutton mince and loaded with flavours. Try keema samosas and you cannot just go back to your regular aloo samosas.


2 Hyderabad Food 1Scrumptious, delicious and loaded with flavours and more flavours, Paya is a dish that leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds. Paya is a soup made with mutton bones, spices, herbs and oil. This is a Hyderabadi special which is often found in every celebration or festivity.

3.Boti Kebabs

3 Hyderabad Food 1Most people don’t fancy boti. Boti or Pirdai is goat’s intestines and is often found in Hyderabadi’s cuisine. Luscious and almost melts in the mouth, boti kebabs are smokey and just have the right kick to them. If you love these kebabs then it might be tad-bit difficult for you as you might not find them anywhere else.

4.Khatti Dal

4 Hyderabad Food 1No, Hyderabadi cuisine is not just meat. We have lots of vegetarian options too. Khatti Dal sure has to be the most popular vegetarian dish. Made with Urad dal and Tur dal, Khatti dal has spicy and sour taste palate. Often served with hot rice and some meat-based dish, Khatti dal is an emotion of a lot of us.

5.Murgh Do Pyaza

5 Hyderabad Food 1Hyderabadi food is often known for its flavours and spices. Murgh Do Pyaza is a chicken-based dish which is rich in flavours. It is indeed the heart of Hyderabadi cuisine. Made with sunflower oil, ghee and cashew nuts, there is nothing like Murgh Do Pyaza.

6.Hyderabadi Biryani

6 Hyderabad Food 1A listicle about Hyderabadi food without mentioning the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is incomplete. Period! And we bet, when you leave Hyderabad, you will cry a tank, just missing this glorious biryani.

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