10 Foods To Replace In Your Diets For A Healthier Meal

Contributed By: Meher Manasa

Better to start being healthy one step at a time than to jump on board and choosing to be a raw-foodist. Here are 10 replacements for regularly consumed food that are unhealthy.

1.Packed Fried Foods with Fresh Fruits & Vegetables :

Rather than munching on a packet of chips or a bar of chocolate, replace them with an apple or a pear or a bowl of grapes that way, fiber intake for the day is covered along with no guilt snacking.


2.Chocolate/ Sweets with Dry Fruits:

For midday sugar cravings and a quick pick me up to get you through the next hour or two try eating dry fruits such as dates, apricots, walnuts for a quick spike in sugar levels and energy avoiding chocolate and refined sugars.


3.Bottled fruits juice with Fresh Fruits:

It is very easy to buy a tetra pack of fruit juice but have you looked through the ingredients? If you did you would know how much sugar is added to these juices and wouldn’t you rather have fresh fruit instead of all those refined sugars?

4.Rice with Cauliflower Rice:

Well known to all of us that overconsumption of rice can lead to excessive carbohydrates build up in the body which will accumulate as fat if not burnt out. Instead of letting go of rice simply replace it with Cauliflower Rice.

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5.Biscuits with Home-made laddoo:

Available at almost every supermarket and the smallest of the store is a packet of Parle-G which might be very easy on the pocket but at what cost? Carry around a few laddoos made with ghee, dry fruits, and superfoods. Pop one every day in case you feel snacky and in need of energy.

6.Cool-Drinks with Water:

The dehydrated body needs an immediate dose of liquids and drinking cool-drinks/carbonated water with high levels of refined sugar might quench your thirst for the time being but the levels of sugar ingested in your boys after this does not justify it. Keep it simple and just drink a glass/bottle of water.

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7.Sweetened Milkshakes with Fresh Fruit Juice:

With an increasing number of outlets where one can find a milkshake with way too much sugar, ice-cream, and chocolate sauce it is healthier to opt for an unsweetened fresh fruit juice to satisfy your cravings and thirst!

8.Rice with Quinoa:

Very popularly known as jonnalu are quinoa which is much healthier than any variant of rice. With fewer calories and more fiber content in them. Due to high fiber content, it is possible that a smaller bowl will satisfy your hunger which means even lesser calories but a fuller stomach.

9.Milk Chocolate with Dark Chocolate:

Sugar contents and the calorie count is rather higher in milk chocolates than in dark chocolates. Which is obviously much less healthy. The tendency to binge on dark chocolates is much lesser. Hence, it is advised to have a bar of dark chocolate at home instead of milk chocolate.

Ice-cream with Frozen Yogurt:

Frozen Yogurt tends to have much lesser calories and sugar content in comparison to regular ice-cream. Along with that, the saturated fat content is higher in Ice-cream which makes it further unhealthy to consume regularly.

This list is in no way exhaustive and might need a few more additions! Do let us know in the comments about them!

Happy Eating!
Stay Safe!

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