This Woman From Kochi Has Installed A Fridge Outside Her Restaurant With Free Food For The Needy


It is observed that 33% of the food produced is either lost or wasted. Can you imagine how many people can actually be fed with that? While we all are sitting and observing such analytics and reading about some selflessness, meet Minu Pauline, the owner of  a restaurant called ‘Pappadvada’ in Kochi who has done something that is truly delightful.

She has noticed that the homless look for food in the garbage and came up with an initiative to install a fridge outside her restaurant which will have the restaurant’s leftover stored. The homeless can walk in anytime and pick their meal parcels from the fridge, obviously without having to pay for it. She also encourages her customers to make meal contributions to the fridge.

The fridge is believed to stock 200 meals everyday and the meal parcels are taken away completely by end of the day. Pauline herself drops in 80 meals a day. The fridge is named ‘Nanma Maram’ which means ‘Tree of goodness’. Now, how sweet is that to put to use something that needn’t go into the garbage.

We all might have number of such selfless initiatives in our heads to do, but they get choked there itself. Try to materialise them, you can work wonders!