10 Thing only a friend with a talkative best friend will relate to


We all have all sorts of friends and they are different characters and natures. Entha silly ga unna, they are our friends and we love them unconditionally. Ala some of us have a best friend who blabber and talk a lot. Here are things that such friends will understand.

1. At the end of work/study filled day, they have so much to tell you. Entha cheppina karigipodu.1.-At-the-end-of-workstudy-filled
2. Okka minute urgent cheppali antaru…and oka full day aina saripodu.2.-Okka-minute
3. They start talking something and they keep getting diverted in topics that they forget what they really wanted to talk about.3.-They-start-talking
4. Manam vintunnama leda ani kuda pattinchukoru, they just keep talking and talking.4.-Manam-vintunnama-leda
5. Entha chinna things unna kuda mana tho chaaala elaborate chestu cheptharu.5.-Entha-chinna-things
6. Chuttu evaru lekapoina kuda, they manage talking to themselves.6.-Chuttu-evaru-lekapoina
7. We hear them talk so much that they do not realize we have already heard this ani.7.-We-hear-them-talk
8. Edaina secret chepthe, adi assalu daachukoleru.8.-Edaina-secret-chepthe
9. No matter it is a complete strange party, or a group of new people, they manage off so well and help us manage too.9.-No-matter-it-is-a-complete
10. Kottha place of college or office ki vellina kuda they do not have a problem. And vaallatho unte manaki kuda problem undadu.10.-Kottha-place-of-college