From Beast To PS 1: Highest Opening Day Grossers In Tamil Nadu

Here’s the list of Tamil movies that collected the highest revenue on Day One in Tamil Nadu.

Take a look …

Rank 1: Beast (2022)

Opening Day Gross in Tamil Nadu: 37cr

After a shopping mall in Chennai had been hijacked by terrorists who held the visitors as hostages, Veera Raghavan, a spy also trapped in the mall, decides to save the hostages by eliminating the terrorists.

Rank 2: Sarkar (2018)

Opening Day Gross in Tamil Nadu: 30cr

An NRI businessman learns his vote has been cast by someone else and decides to investigate the matter, eventually finding himself pitted against two corrupt politicians.

Rank 3: Valimai (2022)

Opening Day Gross in Tamil Nadu: 28.6cr

Arjun, an IPS officer sets out on a mission on hunting down illegal bikers involved in theft and murder.

Rank 4: Bigil (2019)

Opening Day Gross in Tamil Nadu: 26.5cr

A former football player struggles to train a women’s football team and avenge his father’s death.

Rank 5: Ponniyin Selvan: Part I (2022)

Opening Day Gross in Tamil Nadu: 26cr

Vandiyathevan sets out to cross the Chola land to deliver a message from Crown Prince Aditha Karikalan. Kundavai attempts to establish political peace as vassals and petty chieftains plot against the throne. Unrest grips the land as a long-tailed comet arrives, signaling a time of turmoil.

Rank 6: Master (2021)

Opening Day Gross in Tamil Nadu: 25.3cr

An alcoholic professor is sent to a juvenile school, where he clashes with a gangster who uses the school children for criminal activities.

Rank 7: Annaatthe (2021)

Opening Day Gross in Tamil Nadu: 24.75cr

Kaaliyan has a sister who marries a young man without permission from Kaaliyan and moves to Kolkata with her husband, where she faces unknown threats. Soon her brother Kaaliyan comes to the rescue.

Rank 8: Vikram (2022)

Opening Day Gross in Tamil Nadu: 23.5cr

A high-octane action film where a special investigator is assigned a case of serial Killings, he finds the case is not what it seems to be, and leading down this path is only going to end in a war between everyone involved.

Rank 9: Mersal (2017)

Opening Day Gross in Tamil Nadu: 23cr

A police officer arrests a doctor for crimes targeting medical professionals but later finds the real culprit in a tale of revenge, corruption, and magic.

Rank 10: Thunivu (2023)

Opening Day Gross in Tamil Nadu: 22cr

A mysterious mastermind – Daredevil and his team form a plan and commits a bank heist to find the corporate looted people’s money.


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