From Being A Fashion Diva To An IAS: Meet Aishwarya Shearon Who Cracked UPSC With AIR Of 93

Beauty with brains anedaniki perfect apt Aishwarya Shearon. Just 2 days back Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services 2019 final result declare chesaru. Aa results lo All India Rank 93 achieve chesindi Aishwarya.

2 Aishwarya ShearonOk crack chesindi chala mandi chesaru but ‘Why is she so special?’ antara. Of course she is special basic ga fashion world cinema anagane only beauty with no brains untaru ani antaru. But Aishwarya Shearon is an exception endukante tanu 2016 Miss India Finalist + Campus Princess Delhi 2016 + Freshface Winner Delhi 2015 inthe anukunnara ikkada twist enti ante Aishwarya cracked UPSC Civil Services in her first attempt that too without coaching.

Aishwarya Shearon Times Of India ki ichina interview lo, ila andi “My mother named me Aishwarya after Aishwarya Rai because she wanted me to become Miss India, and I was eventually chosen in the top 21 finalists for Miss India”.

3 Aishwarya ShearonAnd tana father peru Ajay Kumar. Colonel Ajay Kumar NCC Telangana Battalion Karimnagar lo Commanding Officer ga job chestunnaru. Thana schooling, higher studies, college antha Delhi lo poorthi chesindi. Economics lo graduate degree chesindi.

Tana 19 years age lone modelling world loki enter aindi. Bombay Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week, Amazon Fashion Week ki model ga chesindi. Manish Malhotra lanti one of India’s biggest fashion designer daggara kuda model ga chesindhi.

1 Aishwarya ShearonTOI ki ichina interview lo, she said

“I thought that since I had always been good at academics, I should maybe take a break for a year or two and give civil services a try because it had always been my dream. I had to switch off my phone, social media, everything, to focus on the exam and the result is here.”

Adi andi matter uu oka pakka fashion world lo raanistune maro pakka education lo kuda raanichindi adi kuda UPSC lo. Civil’s ante maatala chala years time invest chestaru coaching teesukoni but Aishwarya Shearon only one attempt that too without coaching cracked UPSC with All India Rank 93.

Beauty With Extraordinary Brain.

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