From Rajasthan to Andhra, Here Are The Best Thali Places In Bengaluru!

Restaurants all around the country are bringing in their own culture and cuisines in form of Thalis. They are what we all simply cannot get enough of. And, why not? They bring several forms of culinary experience to just plate and if you desire to explore some great food, then you must visit these thali places in Bengaluru.

1.Bhojahari Manna

Best Thali Places In BangaloreIf Bengali food is what you thrive for, then you must visit Bhojahari Manna in Koramangala has to be it. Vegetarians, we have a good news for you as the thalis here are pure-vegetarian. Their Mini Thala and Maxi Thala, comprises of luchi, chholar dal, bhaja and scrumptious bowl of Mishti Doi.


fish landFishland in Majestic, is a delight for all the seafood lovers. Try their Limited Special Seafood thali, which comes with rice, fish curry, fish fry, a veg curry and a rasam or sambar, whichever is made that day. And, wash this all off with their delicious Butter milk which is also a part of their epic thali.


3 Best Thali Places In BangaloreWith several outlets across the city, Suryawanshi is a place that you must-visit if you like to experiment with your food. They mostly serve Maharashtrian food and their thalis are seriously bang-on. Their Puran Poli Thali, Kolhapuri Mutton Thalis, Kolhapuri Chicken Thalis and Malvani Fish Thalis have quite a few options for you to choose from.


4 Best Thali Places In BangaloreAndhra food, anyone? Bheemas located in Church Street is one place that has come very close in serving authentic Andhra food. They do have a variety of options to choose from biryanis to kebabs. But, what they are absolutely best in are their meals. Nothing like our Pappu-Annam, no? Steamed rice, dal, vegetable curry, pickles and papad are what you get served here. And, if you are in a mood, you order yourselves a plate of Chicken kebabs or Fish fry.


5 Best Thali Places In BangaloreNH8, located in Indiranagar is a crazy place for great thalis. Explore this place for great and authentic Rajasthani food. They have curated different Thalis for the weekdays and the weekends. They also have a special thali for Tuesdays. Welcome drinks, Dal batti churma, types of main course and sweets are some of the many dishes that they serve in the thali.

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