From The Indian Auroch To West African Black Rhino: 13 Animals That Became Extinct In the Past 150 Yrs

In the past couple of decades, several animal species have been driven to extinction. Human predation, pollution, lack of food, and so many other things, & humans are the most significant factor. It’s not direct, but the indirect climate change problem we’re responsible for drives them to extinction.

Still, we can do so many things to bring wildlife back and save the species on the verge of extinction. But who cares?

Today we present to you some extinct animals that humanity has lost, take a look

1. Yangtze River Dolphin

2. The Northern White Rhinoceros

3. Zanzibar Leopard

4. Madeiran Large White

5. West African Black Rhino

6. Javan Tiger

7. Schomburgk’s Deer

8. Pinta Island Tortoise

9. Falkland Islands Wolf

10. Tecopa Pupfish

11. The Indian Auroch

12. Indian Javan Rhinocéros

13. Asiatic Cheetah

14. Dutch Alcon Blue Butterfly

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