Full Story: Are GauRakshas Destroying The Indian Economy ?

GauRakshaks… which were sipped into the India’s lexicon in step with rising activism by self-styled protectors of cows. it is mostly in terms that sound deliberately vague.  They came into existence once the cows are dying out of hunger… but for some time. For now, there are hundreds of cows are dying due to the drought caused in Tamilnadu. Not only in Tamilnadu but also some areas out of Tamilnadu.


Bhartiya Gau Raksha Dal (BGRD), which has 6,000 full-time members, mostly men and mostly Brahmins, and operates in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Kerala and in some other areas too. Cow protectors is the group operates across India for protecting Cows. GauRakshaks always spoke about that they want to save the cow, because she is their mother… because that is what their religion, their parents, their holy book, taught them.” But due to the long-drawn drought condition in Tamil Nadu has affected a large cows and cattle population.


Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu has seen close to cow deaths every day in the past 5 years. Moyar, Masinagudi, Balacola villages have seen almost 400 cattle & cow deaths per year because lack of Green grass and water.  Due to the lack of rains and acute lack of green fodder and water is the foremost reason why cows in the state are perishing at such a rate.

Environmentalists says that they are died in some districts of Tamilnadu such as Erode, Salem and Coimbatore were also equally affected. Where this GauRakshaks are now? Are they being aware of these cow deaths? it is their duty to protect the cows.

GauRakshas saving cows

Lack of Fodder must have made them eat Garbage and letting them die. GauRakshaks have to take care of this situation to stop deaths of cows.

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