10 GIFs That Show The Grace In Chiru’s Dance Is Unbeatable


Talking about Chiru’s dance is nothing new. But, on the other side we never get bored watching him dance. His grace, his elan, his style has earned him a special place which cannot be occupied by anyone in the Telugu film industry. One of the main reasons Chiru went up the fame ladder to become what he is today is because of his dance. He doesn’t just replicate the choreographer’s steps, he adds his flavour of grace and style to it.

Chiru’s dance steps have been tried by many of us for a number of times. Some might have got it right, some of us might be struggling even till date. But, no one can do it the way Chiru does it. The style of moving head or shoulders with that slight grace belongs only to Chiru. Here are few of them that shows his class, style and grace.

Music lekapoina aa steps chusi automatic ga rhythm vachesthundhi

Lankeshwarudu lo the break dance moves

Chiru 9

Ram Charan kuda match cheyalekapoyadu


Mutamestri lo aa graceful walk

Chiru 5

Gentleman (Hindi) – Gurthundha??Chiru 7

Appatiki Boss grace state antha paakesindhiChiru 1

Em ease asal.. Nilchuntu kuda aa time lo antha ease ah

Chiru 6

It’s not about dancing every time, aa moment ki aa style-u.. expression-u… Mari urike Megastar ayytarenti??

chiru 8

Ika deeni gurinchi entha chepina takkuve bhaiyya

Chiru 2

Appudu Annaya peaks lo unde annattu.

Chiru 10


Chiru ‘only break dance’ chestadu ani anukunna valakosam


Ika selavu!! Kaasepu YouTube open chesi vere manchi songs kuda chudali.