When A Girl In A Flash Mob Got Slapped By A Furious Lady In Kerala..!

Flash mob

Flash mobs are one of the latest social advertising trends to catch up in India. Courtesy the Step Up series we think. It is a way in which a group blends into a crowd and suddenly break into a gig, surprising everyone and conveying a proper message once they’ve achieved a fair deal of attention. It is after all an attention seeking process. Most of the people enjoy it, but some clearly don’t as is apparent with this video.

The flash mob taking place in Kerala, shows an angry onlooker slapping a girl during a flash mob performance right after the gig ends. The incident occurred during the performance of a group of students dancing to Lean On by Major Lazer and DJ Snake at a bus stop in Payyannur district of Kerala.

kerala-woman-slap_759_fbA woman clad in an orange coloured saree dashed forward and slapped one of the girls participating in it. The reason for her doing so isn’t yet conclusive. While some reports claim that the woman is the mother of the girl, other reports say that she was annoyed because of the traffic jam caused due to the performance.

So here’s what happened:


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