6 Reasons why a girl can be your best friend..!!


It is not easy to understand a girl in a particular way. All girls are unique in their own ways. Though when you do truly understand her, she’s going to be a very special person in your life. Those who are having a girl as their best friend will find it easier to understand how this is possible. If you are yet to find a good friend in a girl, here are some reasons that will help you stay excited.

1. Comfort Levels best friendYou can talk to her about any issue as girls are generally aware of each and everything. You can express yourself to her totally without being judged at all. And she is always there when you need her.

2. Personal Stylistbest friendGirls are fashionistas in their own way, so she will always be there to suggest you the right fashion which is enough to make you look stunning for a date.

3. Amazing Company     best friendIf you think of having female as your best friend you will definitely be having a crazy company as she is always ready to venture out on something adventurous.

4. Partner In Pranks   SSbest friendShe is always there to play pranks on you and she doesn’t get offended any time as girls love to be on on the lighter side, funny and chirpy all the time.

5. Female Advice   best friendWho can be a better adviser other than girls as they always give the ultimate suggestion. You can share your problem with her and she will be there to give you decent solutions all the time.

6. Non-Judgmental best friendWithout being bias, a female friend is always there to take your support and not be judgmental about any of your acts. They do give space to others point of views as well.