8 Things Girls Who Often Visit Beauty Parlours Can Relate Max

Ee lockdown valla parlour ki velladaaniki kudaratledu kaani, all we girls love to go parlour and get our skin pampered there. Kaani everytime we go to parlour, chaala vintha anubhavalu untaayi manaki. Aa parlour aunty mana skin ni test cheyyadam nunchi finally bill katte daaka we go through a lot of mixed feelings. Avanni okasaari chuseyandi ….

1. Ala parlour loki vellagaane parlour aunty gives a detailed top to bottom look on us and says…

1.Girls in Beauty Parlours

1.1 Girls in Beauty Parlours2. Manam eyebrows maatrame cheyinchukundaam ani veltaam, kaani parlour aunty maatram manaki akkarrleni anni services gurinchi cheptu untadhi..

2.Girls in Beauty Parlours

3. Manam cheppedhi okati, aunty maatram tanaku nacchedhe chestadhi…

3.Girls in Beauty Parlours

4. Waxing… a nightmare

4.Girls in Beauty Parlours

5. Comments while waxing

5.Girls in Beauty Parlours

6. Tan ayyav entamma? This is one routine dialogue every parlour aunty says..

6.Girls in Beauty Parlours

7. When parlour aunty rarely gives you a compliment.

7.Girls in Beauty Parlours

8. And final ga bill katte time vacchinappudu manam feeling…

Tell us in the comment section the most relatable thing that your parlour aunty tells you.

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