Good News For 90’s kids, Parle Brings Back Rola-Cola After Getting Over 10,000 Tweets & Requests

All of this started with a tweet in February when a Rola Cola fan asked Parle Products to bring the candy back to the Indian market, the tweet became viral and after more than six months during which thousands of people retweeted the demand, the biscuits and confectionery major has re-launched the product after a gap of about 13 years. “YOU asked, we listened. India’s most loved cola ka gola is back with a bang! Get your pack today! #RolaColaIsBack,” Parle announced in a tweet on Tuesday.

After 13 years, we felt that there seems to be space again for this brand and we are willing to listen to consumers’ voices. We felt that we should not have discontinued it and it should have remained as a possibility for a much larger brand,” Rao said. Although Rola-Cola was discontinued in India, Parle Products continued to sell it in Africa and the Middle east all these years.

In view of the relaunch of the brand, the company has added fresh capacities for Rola-Cola at its existing plant at Indore. “Depending on demand we will be making a decision on whether to set up a new plant and spread to certain geographies or not. If in the next six months we get 40-50 percent of sales from particular geography (in India) it will make sense to set up a plant to cater to the demand and also to save transit cost and time,” Rao said. He said the new Rola-Cola will retain existing product formulation and characteristics but there has been upgradation in packaging, which looks “far more vibrant” to keep in tune with the preferences of millennials, who are the primary target consumers.

The social media has gone crazy over this and many fans have expressed their joy and have thanked parle for allowing them to relive their childhood.]


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