Government and Hackers can watch you through your Phone’s Camera! How to Protect yourself ??


With growing awareness about the vulnerabilities in laptops and computers, some people are still unaware that their mobiles can also be used as a peek-hole to their privacy.malwareMost people know that computers can have malware, but did you know your cell phone is also vulnerable? Kevin Mitnick, a notorious hacker and author of the book “The Art of Invisibility,” explains two easy ways that someone might hack into your phone.malware

Hackers are always busy with spying someone or something, they will inject few malware via Pop-ups comes on Websites especially they target Porn sites where phones or PC’s can be easily attacked by Malware, this malware helps them to track you watch you through your Phone’s camera and can also spy on your calls and even they can watch your Data inside the phone. Without our consent they can do all these things Here are two easy ways Hackers and Government Use to trace.

Two ways hackers choose to track you
1) FlexiSpymalwareFlexiSpy is the easiest paid site which allows everyone to track someone’s data with a little info about the device like it just needs your phone’s IMEI No or Phone number or Device Serial No or your phone’s is used by Hackers and you too can use it once you purchased to track someone or you can also see them regularly through their Phone’s camera without their consent and you can call to someone by using their phone number or you can send Spy messages and even you can watch their mobile data including files, passwords, Web history everything.
2) FBI or Nation StatemalwareThey will happen only when the person is criminal or involved in any illegal activities like abusive content creators etc.

FBI has a group of hackers they will do all the things like spying, tracking and hacking your devices. Your privacy is not really private hackers and Government agencies will inject malware into the devices and hack our data like recently Ransomware which was injected to so many PC’s and Laptops and hackers demanded with a pop-up to make payment to release the device from Ransomware. It is really easy to hack Android platform because it is open source and cost is very less to enter into someone’s Android device but the Apple iOS is a little more tuff and costlier than Android.
How to protect yourself?6 Someone is Watching your every Activity1) You should never give permissions to unknown pop-ups. They are always ready to inject the malware.
2) Never give permissions to Apps which will ask you Location, Photos, Contacts permissions when they are not needed for that Application, If the Application requirement needs Photos to upload and download then you should need to accept.
3) Never Use Anti-Virus or Battery Saver Apps on your smartphones, here they will never help you to remove malware instead of that they will lead to loss of battery life by working back always and they just clear your cache data and shows that the device cleaned, Cache clearing is really simple that we can do manually it takes just 5 minutes.
4) Never download files like songs videos from unknown vendors, sometimes they will inject Malware. It is the reason Apple won’t allow you to download songs from unknown sources.
5) Never accept Pop-ups while surfing through Porn sites and it is better to clear multiple tabs which are automatically generated by pop-ups ASAP.
6) Always keep your phone Updated, Try to use latest Operating system to avoid Malware, if it is an old device and you can’t able to update then just restore your device once in every 3 months, Where your Phone’s Firmware will re-installed when you update your device, this will make your device smooth and easily malware vanish.
7) Never share your phone’s passcode or IMEI or device serial number to anyone.
Hope you have understood everything how to protect yourself and write us your thoughts in the comments section below.
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