16 Measures That All Governments May Take Around The World Post Covid-19


Asaliki world wide ga ippudu jaruguthunna situations ki eppudu end paduthundo evaru kachitamga cheppaleru! Okavela idantha end ayipoyaka world wide ganu India lonu chala changes jaragochu alanti changes kinda listicle chesam chadavandi…

1) There will be more Agnostic people in the world and accordingly religions will restructure .In either case of a miracle ( where the virus just goes away ) or non miracle ( scientific).

1 Astingotic2) There will be complete restructuring of supply chain system which brings new jobs and makes existing jobs redundant.

2 Jobs3) Mentality of Saving for future will reduce a bit and “people will start living for the moment more.”

3 Live The Moment4) Most of the medical budget( countries and individuals ) is spent on treatment as of now and a very little is spent over prevention. the dynamics are going to change and there will be huge investments in basic care , preventive and social medicine, Epidemiology.

4 Doctor5) Risk Management , Business Continuity and crisis management will grow without leaps and bounds.

5 Management6) There will be slightly better consciousness on environment than before. I won’t be surprised if every second Sunday of a month is locked down enabling the nature to reset.

6 Environement7)Post recession ( I am not talking about length and impact ) , we will see new companies emerge with new products which we never thought about . How about an UV Disinfectant ( Don’t ask me for UV Reusable toilet paper ).

7 Uv Disinfectant8) There will be more demand for individual houses than apartments.

8 Indiviual9) Online learning will become more main stream, so as Work From Home ( a healthy combination of both WFH and office ) which inturn reduces lots of commute time , capital for companies .

9 Online Learining10) More doors are open for AI , ML and analytics. Manufacturing industries will be inclined to adopt industry 4.0,. where robotics and IoT driven cyber-physical systems can take over in times of crisis, limiting human involvement.

10 Robotic11) There will be huge investments in cloud based systems across industries

11 Clluds12) More streamlining of the medical staff and medical essential equipment in every small and primary lever health care system also.

12 Medical13) There will be power redistribution among the governing bodies and local leaders may become more powerful in making new laws (This may happen if the damage is very huge)

13 Power Distributuion14) Technology becomes a part in health care monitoring of all individuals. Personal health gadgets industry may reshape its future for the survivors of this situation

14 Techincal15) Govt will look for self sustained economy. Schools will include disaster management as subject

15 Disater Mangement16) More RISE of OTT Platforms and Content, Exclusive Classification in Productions. More sales of Home Theatre systems and Sound proofing rooms!

16 OttComment Your Predictions…