When FlipKart Listing Having An IIT Graduate For Sale, Caught Our Attention..!!

Akash Neeraj Mittal had a brilliant brain wave of putting himself for sale on FlipKart, in the form of product placement. This was his idea of getting himself recognized over the chaotic hordes of unemployment. However, we still don’t understand why an IIT Kharagpur Graduate Specializing in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, would resort to this pretty quirky way of promoting himself. The author of ” It Wasn’t Her Fault ” we stand to believe never got an employment which he properly deserved. And then he took the idiom ‘ Sell Yourself ‘ a bit too seriously as he got himself enlisted on Flipkart.  You got to give the guy one thing, he had a good brain wave. The idea he had, ensured that he got noticed by every employer out there, and somehow we hope it would land him a job or get him some real good deals.

Have A Look At The Quirky Listing Then…



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