This Short Film About Grandmother Will Melt Your Heart…!!


It’s often said that you become a child when you grow old, more emotional, cranky and even grumpy. Elders, just like children, demand attention. They won’t ask for it but absolutely love when they are looked out for and cared. The video tells you just that. When grandma is really old and her stomach can’t digest everything, a bite of ‘samosa’ can bring a smile to her face. In the video, the father come home from work and the family settles down for evening chatter when a small argument breaks out between the father and grandmother. What happens next will bring teary smiles.

In today’s fast-paced world, we often forget about our roots. We forget about our parents and our grandparents. As we live in nuclear families we often lack that empathy that our grandparents would need in that stage of their lives. Watch this short film ‘dadi’ by Sana Ahmad created for HelpAge India and it’ll surely touch your heart.


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