Hahahahah!!! Only people who laugh a lot will understand

  1. Kanti choopu tho kadu…..Navvi Navvi champestham! Asalu no matter also, no problem! We laugh for the lamest jokes.1laughing
  2. We can laugh at *no need to laugh* jokes also! That will make you invent a joke!2laughing
  3. We can get away when we are embarrassed by laughing off too!!!3laughing
  4. Okkosari okkolaaga navagalamu!! Like, “HAHAHAH” for stupid jokes, “HEHEHEHE” for
    jokes we already know. “HUHUHUHU” for ones we never knew could be jokes too and many many more kinds!4laughing
  5. And mammalni navvinche vaallu laughter experts ankuntaru kani matter is what antee…we can laugh with anyone and everyone!5laughing
  6. Nuvvu laugh..oka muggurni tell laugh… each person inko muggurki laugh cheyyamani cheptharu ala full world will only laugh.. all this is not at all necessary! Just make them see us laugh chalu 😛6laughing
  7. Ipudu joke esthe ipudu navvadam is there…. But oka 2 years later also we recollect it and laugh so much that we have stomach noppi!7laughing
  8. Emantivi emantivi….crying happens sad unapudu aa??? We can cry laugh apudu also! 😛8laughing
  9. For such people, the toughest thing is controlling their laughter. And when they burst out, it is really big!9laughing
  10. Never try to confuse us with your jokes! Endukante..confusion lo ekkuva navvestham!10laughing