Have you tasted these food in Hyderabad?


Hyderabad anagane manaki enno gurtostai…akadi historical places, software hub, different cultures etc. Alanti Hyderabad food ki kooda chala famous annadi telisina vishayame.

Ikkada dorakani food antoo edi undadu. But there are some dishes that are specials of Hyderabad…pakka local items. Let’s see what they are,

Hyderabadi Dum Biryanifood in hyderabad

Dum biryanis ki Hyderabad pettindi peru. It’s world famous for biryani. If you are a biryani lover you must check out various biryani places here, they will surely delight you. If you are not a biryani lover, then also give it a try…you will start loving it.

Haleemfood in hyderabadRamzan season ochindi ante chalu, Haleem outlets tho kala kala ladipotuuntai streets anni. All the haleem points will be heavily crowded with people eagerly waiting to savor the taste of haleem. Non-vegetarians should surely try it and vegetarians don’t be disappointed, veg versions of haleem are also available.

Kubhani ka meethafood in hyderabad

It is a sweet dish made from dried apricots. Hyderabadi weddings dessert section lo idi compulsory untadi. Ice-cream tho denini tinte….abba! Adbutaha!

Kheema Samosafood in hyderabad

Samosalandu Kheema Samosa verayaa. Nothing can beat it. Hyderabad lo kheema samosalu are worth a try. Very crunchy and tasty. You cannot stop with one.

Shawarmafood in hyderabad

It is a meat preparation where chicken or lamb or mixed meats are grilled for as long as a day. It is usually served as a wrap. Shawarmas are currently biggest hits in Hyderabad.

Irani Chaifood in hyderabad

Sip a steaming cup of Irani chai with osmania biscuits….you will love it! There are various very old and popular chai points which serve Irani chai, do check them out!

Karachi Biscuitsfood in hyderabadHyderabad ki evaru visiting ki vachina, compulsory tiskuvelledi Karachi biscuits. Vatillo  Fruits biscuits inka famous.

Comment and let us know what your favorite food is and eat out of Hyderabad. Do mention if you know any other must try foods of Hyderabad.