Have You Visited The World’s First Customizable Pulao Restaurant?

Biryani is BAE, ofcourse. There is no denying in that. But Pulao or Palav is our humble and comforting dish. Be it our Rajugaari Kodi Pulao or Pandumirchi Pulao, they have been a part of our favourite foods since ever now. But what if we told you that there is a place that customizes Pulao according to your liking?

Kuchipudi PalavWell, there is one such place. Kuchipudi Palav, located in KPHB, is the first of its kind. They customize your favourite Pulaos according to your liking and taste. You can in fact customize your dish right from the scratch. With different ingredients and flavours, you can add a unique twist to it.

Kuchipudi PalavFirst, you have to select rice like basmati or sona masoori. You can also choose millets or brown rice if you are looking for healthy options. And if you love your food spicy or do not like it spicy, this place is a delight for you as can choose the spice levels and ask them to increase or keep it at the minimal according to your tolerance levels. After this, you overload your Pulav with toppings. You can choose from Ulavachaaru, Aavakaya, Chicken, Kheema or Mixed Nuts.

Kuchipudi PalavAnd, if you think, your job here is done, and then it is not. After selecting your base and topping, you also get to choose its texture and look. How cool is that now? You can select the colour of your pulav which is red or original and the consistency of the dish which is wet or dry. When you are done choosing all which is required, your dish will be presented to you in less than 20 minutes.

Kuchipudi PalavBut, Kuchipudi Palav is not just limited to their Pulao options. They also have a standard menu and offer a variety of snacks like Vankaya chips or Chicken pops. What you can also try are their desserts: Athreyapuram Putharekhulu or Ganga Raju Kovva. And, make sure to pair your Palav with their epic Rose Milk or Aam Panna.

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