Health Benefits of Cucumber


Cucumber lo 95% water untundhi, because of which it keeps us hydrated ani andhariki thelisina vishayame. Idhe kaakunda this tasty vegetable has many more benefits. Read on to know what they are.cucumber1.Maintains healthy weightcucumberCucumbers lo chala thakkuva calories untayi. Cucumber lo unna fiber stomach lo dissolve ayi digestion process ni slow down chesthundhi, which is why one doesn’t feel hungry after eating a cucumber.

2.Heart healthcucumber
Cucumbers lo unna potassium content is associated with lower blood pressure. Body cells lopala inka bhayata potassium balance undadamu chala important, body sarigga function avvadaniki.

3.Protect your Braincucumber
Fisetin ani anti-inflammatory flavanol cucumber to undadam valla it protects the brain. Improvement of memory inka nerver cells protection eh kaakunda Alzheimer’s disease raakunda kaapadthundhi.

4.Stress Managementcucumber
Cucumbers lo unna B Vitamins like vitamin B1, vitamin B5, and vitamin B7 (biotin) anxiety nunchi relief ni isthundhi.

5.Reduces risk of Cancer5 HEALTH BENEFITS OF CUCUMBER
Cucumbers lo lignans ane polyphenols untayi evaithe breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancer vacche risk ni thaggisthundhi. Veetilo unna cucurbitacins ane phytonutrients lo kuda anti cancer properties untaayi.