7 Healthy And Unhealthy Foods You Must Aware Of Before You Eat


To look beautiful, skin inka hair manchiga undadamu chala important. Food ontike kaakunda skin inka hair maintenance lo kuda chala important. Here are a few foods you should and shouldn’t eat if you want healthy looking skin and hair.


Fruits with high water contentskin and hairWatermelon, orange inka grapes vanti water rich fruits skin ni eppudu hydrated ga unchi, body ki avasaram ayinantha antioxidants ni isthundhi. Ee fruits lo lycopene, vitamin C inka iron content ekuva undadam tho it helps your skin look healthy.

Fish skin and hairIndhlo unna omega 3 fatty acids keep the skin’s barrier layer healthy. It contains low-fat protein, which doesn’t cause acne as other protein-rich foods would. Iron, Vitamin B2, and other nutrients keeps your skin healthy.

Vegetable Greens skin and hairBroccoli, spinach and kale have high amounts of antioxidants, evaithe skin damage nunchi kaapaadthundhi. These are the best to prevent and reduce dark circles caused due to aging.

Eggsskin and hairEggs have the high quantity of proteins, which are essential for thick and silky hair. Amino acids in eggs, skin ni healthy ga unchadam eh kaakunda it keeps the skin firm and smooth which helps you look younger.


Junk foodskin and hairJunk food, not just health but skin kosamu kuda bad. Junk food lo unna high preservative content is very bad for skin. It tends to make your skin oily, causing acne.

Dairy productsskin and hairDairy products such as milk, butter etc causes inflammation, which causes hormonal imbalance edhaithe acne cause chesthundhi.

Caffeineskin and hair
Caffeine, blood flow ni skeletal muscles vaipu divert chesthundhi which prevents the skin from getting the required amount of oxygen causing dull and damaged skin. Chala mandhi models inka actors caffeine nunchi dhooranga untaaru because it makes you look old due to dehydration.