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Healthy Food Substitutes That Help In Loosing Weight..!

Loosing Weight

Body weight loss program ki two things chala important. Okati diet inka okati workouts. Kani workouts entha chesina diet plays a major role for loosing weight. Diet minimum one month leda two months strict ga follow aavutham kani aa tarvatha cheat days ani fat inka junk foods tinadam start chestharu. Diet food one pallete ni bland inka tasteless chesthundi. Kani strict diet ni ignore chesi regular food lo konni food replacements cheskuntey chalu healthy lifestyle inka fit body ki aim cheyochu. Ee food replacements health tho patu mana taste buds ki kuda pamper chesthai. Ee healthy food replacements ento ani anukuntunara ? Check out this article and start eating something healthy and tasty.

Coconut milk instead of heavy cream :

Konni curris lo fresh cream inka meegada vestham, kani ee cream lo chana fat content untundi. Ee fat content cream ni healhty coconut milk tho replace chesthey cream lanti taste inka curry lo fat content undhadhu.

Powered flax seeds or oats instead of breadcrumbs :

intlo ye starters cheskovali antey pakka bread crumbs undali, kani bread crums ki flax seeds leda oats powder ni replace chesthey healthy nutitional values tho patu taste kuda osthundi.

Almond milk instead of dairy milk:

regular daily milk lo chala fat inka cream content untundi. Health concious unna vallu dair milk ni almond milk tho replace cheskunti body healhy ga inka fit ga untundi.

Whole wheat flour instead of maida :

breads, pizza , nann , cakes lo yekuvaga maida / white flour ni vadutharu. Ee white flour body ki chana harmful, long run lo chala health issues osthai. Whole wheat processed wheat flour chala healthy, dintlo yekuva fiber untundi.

Garlic instead of salt :

salt lo sodium untundi. Yekuva sodium mana body ki chala harmful, sodium valla chala health issues osthai. Dried garlic powder ni salt tho replace chesthey taste ki taste inka health ki health rendo body fitness inka taste ni satisfy chesthai.

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