Facts About Addictive Healthy Junk Food We Consume


Who doesn’t love to eat fast food? It’s not only about eating it but also about the making of it, few of just love the color, how deep fried it is and the skills of making it is visually so appealing that we can’t stop ourselves from eating such fast and delicious food. But the sad part is that fast food is considered to be junk food which is obviously unhealthy if consumed every day or in large quantity but after reading this article your opinion about junk food/ fast food is going to change completely or partially. So, here is a list of Indian fast food items that are healthy and you won’t at all regret eating these food items.

Pav Bhaji

Indian Junk FoodPavbhaji is a Maharashtrian dish which is available in every corner of the world and loved not only by Indians. The fact that PavBhaji has a lot of cooked vegetables like potato, green peas, cauliflower, carrots, French beans makes it healthy and delicious and if required you can add your favorite veggies. Also, the bread you chose does make a lot of difference and you can add ghee instead of oil.


Indian Junk Food

Who doesn’t love samosa? Samosa and chai are the best combos for all of us. But here is the twist, you can enjoy the taste of it and not worry about eating junk only when you bake them but if you are keen on using oil then switch from refined oil to coconut oil or olive oil, which does not mean the baked ones are less tasty. Also, by using whole wheat flour you can make it even healthier.

Bhel puri

Indian Junk FoodBhelpuri is this one Indian snack item which is healthy just as it is and no modifications required. As it contains healthy veggies like tomato, onion, potato, tamarind coriander, and the main ingredient is puffed rice that most of us call as murmura. Everybody does not add green chilli chutney, but if you add then it gives the dish a spicy kick and for garnishing you squeeze a lemon and sprinkle coriander. Bhelpuri is considered to be healthy as it does not disturb the digestive system and does not make you ill.

Dahi Bhalla

Indian Junk Food

Most of the South Indians love vada, let it be plain or with sambar and DahiBhalla is one such dish that contains vada with yogurt – somewhat like dahivada. Dahi cools down the body and vada can be for taste. You can find this in any food joint and you can garnish it with pomegranate or beetroot and coriander leaves which gives you a healthier look and can eat it with no worries.

Potato chips and Fries

Indian Junk Food

Hot chips shop is one of the go-to places for every child and the potato chips there is always a part of the list and fries are everybody’s favorite and the best option for sides. But eating too much of these is a lot of calorie intake and to avoid this feeling you can bake potato chips and fries instead of frying them and you can go ahead and eat all the way to glory.

So, these are the Indian junk food items can you could probably modify and eat with no regrets or worries. Hope this article made you feel good and lite hearted. Go and eat your way to glory!

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