Hearty congratulations to the winner of Indian idol and mana hyderabad paatala bullodu, LV Revanth


L.V.Revanth is one deserving winner for he proved to be hardworking and a faithfully passionate singer. He struggled with the language barriers and then got to the top of his career. He fell into a point where there were high chances of him getting eliminated and now is the winner. Do we have more words???

He has never shared his story but is definitely an inspiring one. He worked as a caterer, in a PCO, sang in temples, went for daily waged works, just so that he could follow his passion; music. This is a story we should all learn from that hard work pays and nothing is easy in life.

Here is his journey at Indian idol and some of his fabulous songs that we definitely will keeep listening to forever.

1. Dhan te nan
2. Khamoshiyaan
3.Tum hi ho
4. Gerua
5. Aashayein
6. Sultan title track
7. Ye Mom Moh Je Daage
8. Malhari
9. Lakshya