Here Are a Few Unknown Mysteries About Our Universe

Yes..our universe is full of mysteries. Manaki e universe lo em jaruguthundho chala varaku thelidhu. Scientists ki kuda ardam kani vishayalu chalane unnayi. Mana ancestors earth anedhi flat ga untundhani nammevaru. But, today entha advance ayyamante many know about the Big Bang theory, black holes, and the stupendous tracts of the universe. So let us check out some more incredible facts that prove that a universe is truly a wondrous place.

1. We all are stars somehow!

Mysteries About Our Universe

This is the greatest thing we can consider. Manalo prathi okaru star eh! Manalo prathi okkari body lo atoms unnay which are once a part of the star that exploded billions of years ago.

2. Neutron stars:

Mysteries About Our Universe

Meeru physics lo vine untaru..e “neutron stars” gurinchi. Meeku thelsa okka teaspoon neutron stars weight Mount Everest weight kante ekkuva! Stars are magical kadha?

3. Fragrances in the universe:

Mysteries About Our Universe

The universe smells of raspberries, rum, bacon, roasted almonds and gunpowder. Are these smells apparently good right?

4. Venus clarified:

Mysteries About Our Universe

A year on Venus is equal to 224 days on earth and Venus lo okka rojunte that is equal to 243 days on earth. Ante one-year kante one day ne ekkuva. Wow!! Now that you know Venus has longer days who wish to go there except scientists?

5. The density of the Sun:

Mysteries About Our Universe

The sun accounts for 99.8% of the solar system’s mass. Sun is so large that 1.3 million earth can be fitted into it. Manaki idhe source of life, idhe source of power!

6. Sand grains versus stars:

Mysteries About Our Universe

Mana bhumi meedha sand grains enni untayo evariki atleast idea kuda undadhu…vati kante stars eh ekkuvuntayanta.

7. Dark energy:

Mysteries About Our Universe

Manaki kanapade e matter, e space antha universe lo 5% eh… mighatha 95% antha dark energy, dark matter tho fill ayyi undhi. If you love darkness then, this fact can be appealing enough.

8. Imagine yourself as an alien:

Mysteries About Our Universe

65 million light years ago, okavela meeru earth ki dhuramga undi telescope tho earth ni chusthe meeku anni dinosaurs eh kanapadevi. Hard to imagine yah!

9. Again a bang!

Mysteries About Our Universe

13.7 billion years mundhu jarigina big bang result valle mana bodies lo hydrogen atoms unnay thelusa?

10. The afterglow things:

Mysteries About Our Universe

The small per cent of static shown by our TV’s is the Big Bang’s afterglow.

11. Fighting for space no more:

Mysteries About Our Universe

99% of matter is empty space. Okavela if you remove all the space within your atoms, then humanity (billions of people) would fit into one sugar cube!

So these are some unknown facts about the universe which I came to know. I hope reading this article had blown you away. Comment and let me know if you have any other mind-blowing facts about the universe.

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