Here Are The 9 Ram-Lakshman Brothers Of Telugu Cinema


What? Ram-Lakshman brothers of Telugu cinema?? What does it even mean?

Well, those stars who share a great bromance or share a great rapport irrespective of any movie and whose appearance on screen gets the best out of both have been named here as the ‘Ram-Lakshman’ brothers of Telugu cinema.

Now, there is difference between this and ‘combinations’ that we talk about. A hit combination arises mainly because the audience love it in the first case. Where as a Ram-Lakshman bond is something beyond what we as audience see. They are together and depend on each other for a reason.

Here check some of our Telugu cinema stars who can are some great Ram-Lakshman brothers:

Chiru & Srikanth


Chiru and Srikanth share a great rapport and Chiru has quoted at many places that Srikanth is like a brother to him. And that is quite evident!

Pawan Kalyan & Ali

Pawan - ali

It is already said that without Ali, there is no Pawan Kalyan’s movie. And everyone who follows Telugu cinema knows the rapport these two stars share.

Tarun & Sunil

tarun sunil

Tarun and Sunil have done many movies together and both share a great chemistry on screen as well. Or atleast used to once upon a time!

Jagapathy & Arjun


Known to be best buddies, these two move around like brothers and share a great bond.

Srinu Vaitla & Brahmi

Srinu vaitla - brahmi

When Srinu Vaitla’s movie is a hit, some part of the movie’s credit definitely will go to Brahmi for providing his dose of entertainment. And Srinu Vaitla never diverts from anyone except Brahmi.

Allari Naresh & Krishna Bhagawan

Allari naresh - Krishna bhagawan

Allari Naresh and Krishna Bhagawan also do share a great bond. Their chemistry on screen is an example of ‘perfect timing’

Trivikram & Sunil

Trivikram - sunil

Needless to say anything about this great bonding. A writer and an actor truly show the magic they together can create.

Maruthi & Saptagiri

Maruthi - saptagiri

Like Brahmi-Srinu Vaitla, these two have turned out to be a great pair that works out everytime.

Jr. NTR & Rajeev Kanakala


Rarely we see them, but everyone is aware these two share while Jr. NTR has many times referred to Rajeev Kanakala as his brother.