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Here’s Everything About India’s First Indoor Skydiving That Opened In Hyd


Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Bungee Jump and Paragliding lanti Adventure sports gurinchi vine untaru. AIthe last 5 years nundi ee adventure sports quota loki Sky Diving occhi ee adventure sports ni inko level ki tiskellindi. Sky Diving cheyadaniki chinna aircrafts and helicopters ni use chestuntaru.

Skydiving cheyadaniki usually ground level nundi 10,000 ft to 14,000 ft fly kavalsi untadi. Antha distance vellaka akkadi nundi professional skydivers help tho freefall avvalsi untundi. Aithe just vellagane Skydiving undadhu deeniki konchem training and classes untayi it will take 1-3 days. And also Skydiving actually konchem costly.

Aithe skydiving andaru try cheyaru and if one can afford…andhuku chala dare and guts kavali. Aithe money afford cheyaleni valla kosam and money undi dare cheyaleni valla kosam ippudu indoor skydiving ane concept kuda occhesindi adi kuda mana Hyderbad lo.

1. Indoor Skydiving In Hyderabad? Sounds I Wanna Fly Wanna Fly !

Gravity Zip, The Hyderabad based adventure sports Ltd company introduced the idea of Indoor Skydiving to India. They launched India’s first indoor Skydiving arena In Hindi.

2. What Exactly Indoor Skydiving Is?

In an indoor setting, you can successfully experience the sensation of freefall by flying your body on a column of air within the flight chamber in a controlled environment and speed.

3. How does it Work & Do We need Any training?

Similar to Outdoor Skydiving, one need to follow rules and 3- to 40 mins of training sessions under certified indoor skydivers. They’ll guide us how to fly, control and experience the madness of Indoor skydiving.

4. Where & What Is The Cost?

Gravity Zip is on the Gandipet Road, Kokapet, Near Gooncha hills, before the Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT) campus. And the cost to experience indoor skydiving is Rs 2800 on weekdays and Rs 3000+ on weekends.

5. Initiated By Hyderabad Based People\

Gravityzip was started by Ramana Reddy and Sushil Reddy Meda from Hyderabad. They have worked on it since 2018 and made it possible after now. They imported All the machinery from European countries and started this kick ass adventure sports in the city.

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