Hidden Meanings of Tiny Tattoos That Gives You Some Daily Motivation


E prapancham lo, prathi daniki oka meaning untadi and there is a reason behind every act. Alage, pathi tattoo ki oka hidden meaning untadi, especially for tiny ones. Though it just looks simple, it gives you the much-needed motivation and inspiration during tough times. Check out the list of meaningful tattoos.

1. Semicolon tattoo1tattooIt is the symbol of mental illness and recently people have started talking about it openly.

2. Words with semicolon tattoo2tattooIf you want, e semicolon tho patu meru words kuda incorporate cheyochu.

3. Infinity3tattooEdi sasvatam kadu, either good aina bad aina.

4. Lotus Symbol4tattooLotus mud lo grow aina sare, adi chala pavitram ainadi alage it refers the struggling phase of humans.

5. Arrow Tattoo5tattooNegative thoughts ni dooram ga unchadaniki e tattoo prefer chestaru.

6. Text 6tattooSome inspirational words.

7. Viking Symbol – Inguz7tattooE symbol ni inguz antaru. Antey, where there is a will, there is a way ani.

8. Viking Symbol – Chevron8tattooIt means, create your own reality

9. Triangle tattoo9tattooIt represents the change and also makes you remember it is the only constant.

10. Zen Circle Tattoo10tattooIt symbolizes the enlightenments or strength.