Following HIT Verse Franchise: 7 South Movies That Have Scope For Movie Franchise

HIT 1 and Hit 2 movies hit talk taruvatha HIT Verse Tollywood lo oka franchise movies ki trendset chesindi. Nani Wall Poster banner meeda occhian HIT First case manchi hit aidni and deeniiki sequel ga occhina HIT 2 kuda ippudu hit talk tho HIT verse franchise tho already HIT 3rd case already start ani confirm chesesaru.

Aithe ila HIT Verse or HIT Movie Franchise laaga we can expect a franchise for few south indian movies that already became hits and had sequels also. Now ee hit south indian movies ki sequels and going forward franchise cheyalsi osthe? Yes, sounds interesting kada andhuke we made a list of South Indian Movies Which Have Scope For Movie Franchise

Here’s A List of 7 South Movies That Have Scope For Movie Franchise After Hit Verse Franchise


F2 & F3 blockbuster hits taruvatha, ee fun and frustration ane concept ni Franchise ga chesthe mana audience ki fun eh fun and entertainment.


After Karthikeya & Karthikeya 2 movie blockbusters, makers have already confirmed Karthikeya 3. And going forward Karthikeya has a scope for franchise.


Bimbinsara became a surprising hit and opened the door for Bimbisara 2 sequel. Also Kalyan Ram announced that Bimbisara has a scope for a huge PAN-Indian scale.


Adivi sesh starrer Gudachari became huge hit in our Telugu states…makers have already announced Gudachari 2. And this spy thriller can continue as a franchise in the coming days.


Drishyam 1 & 2 already became huge hits in all languages. Drishyam has a full scope as a movie franchise in Indian movies.


Enthiran & 2.0 movies tho Indian Box office ni oppesina Robot movie ni franchise chese scope chala untadi. Rajinikanth and aa taruvatha oka new young hero ni connect chesthe set franchise idi.


SS Rajamouli directed Eega movie oka nex experiment in Indian & World Cinema. What if Eega Verse…or Eega Franchise create chesthe ee movie tho ???

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