When We Go For A Movie, This Is How Boys And Girls Differ In Their Perspectives


For the two opposite genders we have on this planet, we definitely have different perspectives when it comes to a common situation. Guys look at a situation or event or even a movie scene in a different way when compared to girls. It is not a fault in anyway. It is just about the difference in perspectives.

A better way to understand this can be with the help of the below examples to see how boys see things and how girls see things:

While watching a War Sequence in Baahubali

bahubali boysbahubali girls

While Watching the movie Varsham

varsham boys

varsham girls

While Watching the movie Yemaya Chesave

yemmayachysava boys

yemmayachysava girls

While Watching the movie Varudu

varudu boys

varudu girls