How Different are Food Habits Of Today’s Generation?

This generation is a group to be reckoned with when it comes to food, especially as they act upon their food and beverage preferences, which are quite different than other generations. These food trends are completely different from the past generations, many new trends have been introduced, let’s take a look at some of the habits:-

They Eat Out More Often

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This generation tends to eat out more often. A study by the NRAI also reports that Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Casual Dine-in formats account for 74% of the total chain market, while Cafés make up for 12% with Fine Dining and Pub Bars Club & Lounges (PBCL) comprising the rest. Although dining in makes up the highest 67%, of the total QSR sales, it is followed by takeaway orders which make up for 19% of the sales. QSR Industry is growing rapidly because of the millennial food trend of eating out more often. Around 80% of the consumers order food at least twice a month in larger cities, and 34% of the total consumers prefer on-the-go meals during office hours.

They prefer Healthy food

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While the older generation counted calories and preferred not to eat much food to avoid weight gain, today’s youth knows that ‘not eating’ is not the right option, rather ‘eating right and healthy’ is. They want to be mindful of what they eat and will select their places after a thorough consideration. Young people prefer places with strong food ethics. They want to know how fresh or organic their food is, where their food is coming from.

They Experiment With Different And Exotic Cuisines

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People from the previous generation tried only a few tested cuisines like South Indian and Punjabi. But today’s generation’s food habits are more adventurous and do not shy out on experimenting with different cuisines whether be it domestic or international. You will find people enthusiastically trying out an Indonesian Gado-Gado or a Paella Valenciana, even if they have never heard of these names before.

Ambiance Plays a huge Role

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People can eat at home too, so what is it that makes them step out and dine out? It’s the reward of a truly authentic experience that they receive while dining out. Be it the hospitable service, luxurious decor, and warm ambiance, live performances or music, innovative menu, these things which they cannot get at home and little elements of surprise that make their experience rewarding and unforgettable.

Going for Brunch

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Brunch has become a trend for today’s generation, brunch– aka late breakfast, early lunch with alcoholic beverages in tow. Brunch continues to grow anywhere there is disposable income or time. Young people with limited financial responsibility and under-employed youngsters with extra time on their hands. What better way is there to spend a Saturday or Sunday than to have a heavy late breakfast lunch.

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