How To Be A Perfect Monsoon Bride


Every woman wants to have a perfect wedding. Monsoon weddings sound interesting and exciting for brides but also come with their share of gitters and challenges. So, here we have listed a few tips that every monsoon bride must keep in mind to make her wedding fun and carefree affair.

1. Waterproof Makeup

Perfect Monsoon Bride

The makeup of the bride plays an important role not just for the event but for the photographs especially. If she starts sweating or the makeup starts smudging, she will lose all the look. So in this season, waterproof makeup is the best option for brides. It is better to go on going with complete waterproof makeup, and not just with the mascara. Insist on using waterproof liners, foundations, and lipsticks.

2. Avoid cream-based products

Perfect Monsoon Bride

Using cream-based products may not be the best bet during the monsoons, all the more if you’re the bride. As a monsoon bride, stay away from both cream and oil-based products. Such products can smudging. So, whether it is a blush or even an eyeshadow, nothing that is cream-based is recommended.

3. Choose Comfortable footwear

Perfect Monsoon Bride

While wearing high heels might be something that most brides do without giving a thought, they are not suitable for the weather. And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, then you could even try sneakers with the sari/lehenga. Just like the outfit you wear, your footwear should be comfortable. Opt for comfortable footwear with smaller heels like wedges or platform. You can also go to ‘blinged-up’ flats or jootis.

4. All that glitters isn’t good

Perfect Monsoon Bride

While everyone wants to look glamorous and stunning on their wedding day and shimmer seems like the best options. The season of monsoon, it is best that you avoid any glitter or shimmer on your skin. These products will add extra shine on your face making your skin appear oily. Our recommendation is that you go with good old classic Matte.

5. Choose the right Fabric

Perfect Monsoon Bride

It goes without saying that it isn’t enough to pick the right color but we must also ensure that the fabric is right. Most of the women prefer heavy embellishments, heavy embroidery or stonework on velvet or silk fabric for their wedding day. But it can be too heavy. Lighter options like lace, satin, georgette, chiffon are better suited for the occasion. heavily embroidered blouse and a simple sari to complete your fashionable and comfortable bridal wear.

6. Take care of Skin

Perfect Monsoon Bride

Monsoons always come with fungal infections so, be extra careful about the skin to avoid any rash or acne. Keep skin clean always & avoid using heavy creams. Use natural face packs as they are extra mild on the skin. Also, do not skip your moisturizer. During the wet and humid weather, you need to keep your skin hydrated.

With these simple tips, use this amazing weather to make the best of your wedding, and put forward a stunning look on your special day! Be a happy and gorgeous monsoon bride!