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How to handle autowaala who is not ready to take you to a destination

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Autos are the most famous things in Hyderabad for many many reasons. We call them Bhaiyyas. But what did one of them do when someone not from our soil was helpless to locate an address?

C.Christine Fair is an associate professor at the Center for Peace and Security Studies (CPASS), within Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. Fair has published several articles defending the use of drone strikes in Pakistan and has been critical of analyses by Human Rights Watch,Amnesty International and other humanitarian organizations. She has been to india on many occasions and has faced the same situation everywhere; the autowaala refuses to take her to a destination even if he knows where it is. From then she preferred travelling using Uber to avoid such situations. It happened once in Hyderabad that she decided to walk to Charminar and lost her way. When she enquired about the route, many of them told that it is not easy going by walk. She lost her 3G and there was just one auto in that area.

When she approached him and asked him to drive to charminar, he steadily replies not knowing that place. He does the same when she asked for Faluknama Palace or Mecca Masjid even though they were the most famous places in Hyderabad. To not let this happen, she started recording it and told that man that she was going to post it on the internet and take action if he had not taken her to the destination.

Christine Fair has taken this video on her experience and yet ended up teaching our own rights.

Check this video out to understand the same…

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