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Tips to protect your Hair before and after Swimming


Summer anagha ne gurthochedhi ‘swimming’! Kaani swimming pool lo una chlorine inka chemical content hair ni chala damage chesthundhi. Chlorine, hair lo unna natural oils ni strip off chesi hair ni dry inka dull ga unchuthundhi.

Hair ni protect chesukovadaniki pre-swimming inka post-swimming tips unnayi. Read on!

Pre-Swimming Care
Have a shower:Swimming pool lo velle mundhu mee hair ni proper ga rinse chesukovandi endhukante wet hair pool water ni absorb cheyadhu. Which will keep your hair chlorine free.
Apply hair conditioner: Hair conditioner hair follicles ni nourish chesi hair chuttu protective layer form chesthundhi which protects it from chlorine and other chemicals in the pool.
Wear a swimming cap:No better solution than this. Hair motthani cover chesi caps konandi. This will leave your hair dry and away from all chemicals.
Post-Swimming Care
Shampoo your hair:Immediately swimming tharavaatha hair ni shampoo toh wash cheukondi, dheento maximum chlorine wash out ayithundhi. Immediate ga wash cheyakpothe chlorine inka sticky ayipothundhi, which will make it tough to remove.
Comb your hair:Wide brush comb toh hair comb chesukovandi. Idhi hair lo unna knots theesi hair ni frizz-free ga unchuthundhi.

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