Hyderabad Metro Rail First Corridor To Get Launched In November


Manam enno years wait chestuna, Metro Rail launch avabothundi. Undoubtedly, 72-kilometer Hyderabad Metro Rail Project is one of the most prestigious ones that has been initiated by the government. It is the first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project that launched with a budget of Rs. 15,000 crores. Finally, the 17-km stretch between Ameerpet to Nagole and 13-km stretch between Miyapur and Ameerpet, ee November 28th na mana PM Narendra Modi chetula meduga inaugurate avabotundi.

Asalu, ee metro rail backend story enti, asalu enni stations and ela connect cheyali ani plan chesaro, okasari, manam ippudu chuddam:

1. Ee metro rail ni Nagole to Hitech City, Miyapur-Kukatpally to LB Nagar dwara connect cheyalani plan chesaru. Ee lines, major places aina Jubliee Bus stand, MGBS, Secunderabad and Nampally railways stations ni connect chesthu pass avuthundi.1. E metro rail ni Nagole to Hitech City

2. On a total of eight over-bridges ni Bharatnagar, Lakdikapul, Malakpet, Bhoiguda, Begumpet, Oliphant, Chilkalguda and Alugaddabavi lanti places lo construct chestunnaru.2. On a total of eight over-bridges

3. So, 64 stations ki ee metro rail connection untadi. Vetillo, oka 6 emo terminal stations ga and Ameerpet, Parade Ground and MGBS, e three stations ni interchanging ga plan chesaru. E 64 lone, inko 4 emo special stations and remaining 54 are just normal ones.3 metro terminal stations

4. E Hyderabad Metro rail speciality entante, Oliphanta Bridge ane oka steel structure ni use chestunaru. E feature ni ekuvaga manam rivers degara chustu untam.4. E Hyderabad Metro rail speciality

5. E total construction ki anni areas lo kalipi 23,287 yards ni use chestunaru and ipatidaka 2,409 out of 2,533 pillars construction kuda purtayi poyindi.5 construction ki anni areas

6. November lo inauguration kosam two shifts lo work brisk pace lo complete chestunaru and electric wiring works kuda almost complete aipoyayi.6. November lo inauguration

7. Inauguration lope, government e two lines madya oka trail run cheyabotunnaru. Ameerpet and Miyapur stretch almost works complete aipoyayi, but Nagole and Ameerpet inka konni works pending unayi, so the officials are planning to complete them as soon as possible.7. Inauguration metro railway